Could This Be Your Way to Cheat Death?

It is said to believe obvious lies make great propaganda, although sometimes we can be so gullible to the lie and believe the image or article is true. The image posted below features the most obvious lie yet some people may still believe it.

The Mind of Media’s image post stated “This is an advertisement that tries to have consumers believe if you drink POM then you will be able to cheat death by being so healthy for so long that you wouldn’t ‘ever die’,” (MindOverMedia). This advertisement is point blank a lie, there is no such truth to drinking pomegranate will lead to you becoming immortal. The Mind of Media site also stated that “this is propaganda because it is trying to reach a large amount of people and influence their habits when purchasing drinks by getting them to believe that this drink (POM) is so healthy it can help you ‘cheat death’ and if people believe and purchase the product then the company makes a profit off of the consumer’s false believe about the product,” (MindOverMedia). Ultimately showing that the purpose of this propaganda use was to increase the sales of POM juice. Targeting an audience of everyone and anyone, since all of our lives will eventually come to an end.

After more research this advertisement was said to have received ’23 complaints’ because of its misleading exaggeration on health benefits. The Advertising Standards Authority noted “that the claim was ambiguous and if read as a health claim rather than an obvious untruth, it was capable of objective substantiation…the evidence also provided by the company about antioxidants in pomegranate juice ‘fell short’ of showing it led to longer life,” (Sweney). All in all anyone who believes this advertisement is beneficial, will be awfully disappointed in the results and it could even cause harm to their everyday life. If the consumer of this product decides to drink POM juice everyday because they believe it will help them cheat death they will be forced to suffer some risks. Yes, pomegranate juice is a great antioxidant, yet it can interact negatively with prescription drugs and increase glucose levels if consumed daily; and those are just two of many risks.

Connecting back to my #COM416 course readings, in Edward Bernays’s Propaganda he wrote “the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power over our country,” (Bernays). This concept shows the advertisement’s act to relate its product to one thing every human being in this world cannot overcome, truly shows the power it can have. The false hope this advertisement sets out embellishes there product as a powerful object. Overall if you could cheat death by drinking pomegranate juice, wouldn’t you?… I’m sure we all would. I’m sorry to be the barer of bad news but immortality is not real and the only thing true in this advertisement is it is 100% propaganda. #fakenews.


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